Boosts can be given to player to increase their performance . There is currently six boosts available and only three can be used per player .

Speed boostEdit


Speed boost can be given to your player to increase their speed and agility . A player equpped with this boost are usually able to switch direction and turn faster .

Shot boostEdit


Shot boost allows your player to shoot more accurately and powerful . This boost should be given to striker for full benefit and midfielder . Giving this boost to a defender can allow your defender to shoot further away from your goal .

Dribble boostEdit


Dribble boost allows your player to dribble and control the ball more properly . It is harder to steal a ball from a player equipped with this boost . This boost can be given to striker so that they can dribble pass defenders and score .

Stamina boostEdit


A player equipped with stamina boost have higher stamina than player who doesn't have this boost . This boost allow a player to sprint longer without getting tired easily . This boost can be equipped with speed boost to increase the speed of your player .

Defense boostEdit


This boost give a player a higher chance of stealing . It also increases the tackling skill of a player . This boost is usually given to defenders as they need to perform a lot of tackling and stealing .

Goalkeeper boostEdit


This boost is given to the keeper . This boost increases your keeper's reaction time and reflex . A keeper equipped with this boost usually jump higher and have a higher chance of catching the ball .