In Kamicat Football , you're given a football team to manage and play as . The maximum number of players in a single team is 25 players . You can get players using the Transfer Market . You need to assign the players you are going to use as your player will slowly run out of energy .

Team crestEdit

Team crest

You can change the team crest by clicking on the flagpole . You can have only three colours for your team crest . You can change your crest's frame up to eight different styles . You can also change the signets , there are currently 39 free signets and 30 premium signets available . You can earn up to four Star Badge .

Team coloursEdit

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You can change your team's jersey colour also by clicking the flagpole . You have two sets of jersey available which is the home and away kit . You can customize your kit up to four style for outfielders . The jersey design doesn't work with goalkeepers .